Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Click here to register.

Q: How many sessions of classes will Studio 3 offer?

A: This year we are offering two sessions. The current session is Winter/Spring.

WINTER/SPRING beginning 1/31/22

Q: Are registration fees refundable?

A: No. Registration fees are not refundable.

Q: What if my child gets sick? Are there any make up classes?

A: Yes. There is one week of make up classes at the end of the semester.

Q: Are your classes in person or on line?

A: All classes are in person up to 10 students. Classes will be capped at between 10 and 12 students.

Q: What if my young dancer is anxious about going in to Studio 3 on the first day of class?

A: For the first class only, one family member may accompany dancers ages 3 to 9, for a short welcome and info session. Family members must wear a mask.

Q: What if my child needs me during class?

A: We have your emergency contact phone information and we will call you.

Q: What happens to Studio 3 if schools shut down and move to virtual classes only?

A: All Studio 3 classes will switch to all on line classes as well.

Q: Does my dancer have to wear a mask during class?

A: Yes. In fact, anyone who enters Studio 3 must wear a mask. As of February 14, 2022 only KN95, N95 and KF94 masks are acceptable. To find out more about these masks click here. If any dancer becomes uncomfortable they may step out into the lobby for a short mask break.

Q: Will my dancer’s temperature be taken before class?

A: Yes. All dancers will have their temperature taken using a no touch forehead thermometer.

Q: Can my dancer bring a water bottle to class?

A: No. We have a new filtered water system in the studio for single serve disposable cup use.

Q: Can I wait in the lobby for my dancer?

A: No. All drop offs and pick ups will be at the door.

Q: Can I watch class?

A: At them moment the viewing window is closed because we are rehearsing for the Spring Show.  There will be times when the viewing window is open.

Q: Are you disinfecting the studio?

A: Disinfecting wipes will be available for all dancers to use to clean personal spaces.

Q: Do you still offer private instruction?

A: Yes. We offer private and semi private classes in Studio 3 ONLY. Contact Miss Diane: diane (at) dancestudio3 (dot) com to arrange for these sessions.