Bullying Policy

STUDIO 3 will not tolerate physical, emotional, cyber or any other form of bullying which we define as any physical, verbal or written behavior (either electronically or in person) directed to harm another or to create a hostile environment.

STUDIO 3 is committed to deepening our students understanding of respect and compassion and creating a safe place for all to learn the fundamentals of proper dance technique. Our anti-bullying policy is applicable to all students, teachers, employees and dance families.

STUDIO 3 defines bullying as any behavior (physical, verbal, or written) that detrimentally targets another dancer, teacher, employee of Studio 3 or member of one of our dance families. We consider any behavior bullying if it physically or emotionally harms anyone; if it targets anyone for any actual or perceived characteristics; or if it creates a hostile environment in our dance studios or rehearsal and performance venues.

If any student, teacher, employee or member of a Studio 3 dance family engages in any form of bullying activity they will no longer be permitted to participate in any way at STUDIO 3.

To report bullying please email diane (AT) dancestudio3 (DOT) com or call Miss Diane.