How to Download your Movie

After you register we have to cross check our list before approval. Once approval return to the download page and click on the Read more link and 4 links will appear. You can start downloading. Note: must be done from a Laptop or Desktop.

Studio 3 Download movie page. All that have purchased the movie in advance, once registered and approved will be able to download your movie of “The Art of Dance” The movie is for Desktop, iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices and Apple TV. DVD will be made on request only. Please registration to download your movie.

Download Movie

The Download can take time depending on computer speed and internet connection. Any compatibility issue please let use know.

iPhone, iPad or Apple TV

“Turning Pages”

Turning Pages part 1
Turning Pages part 2

“The Art of Dance”

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

“Mixed Nuts 2015”

Mixed Nuts 2015 Part 1
Mixed Nuts 2015 Part 2

“Alice 2015”

Petite Show
Alice Part 1A
Alice Part 1B
Alice Part 2 Act 2

“Mixed Nuts 2014”

Mixed Nuts 1
Mixed Nuts 2
Mixed Nuts 3

“Turning Pages”

Turning Pages part 1
Turning Pages part 2