Note: Except for Company dancers and apprentices, we will not enforce the dress code until mid October when dancers have settled into their classes. After the first week or two, teachers could possibly recommend an adjustment in training level for your dancer. For this reason dancers should wear to the first week of class the following: (Teachers will be discussing the 2019 dress code in early classes and I will follow up with an email in October once the dress code for 2019 is finalized.)

Ballet class (GIRLS ages 3, 4, pink leotard)

  • Pink Leotard
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers
  • Hair in Ballet Bun (see “how to” links below)
  • No Jewelry

Ballet class (GIRLS ages 6 +)

  • Black Leotard (for now)
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers
  • Hair in Ballet Bun (see “how to” links below)
  • No Jewelry

Ballet Boys

  • White Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Black dance pants
  • White socks
  • black ballet slippers

Tap or Jazz class

  • Black Leotard
  • Black jazz pants or black tights
  •  Tan tap / Tan jazz shoes


  • Black leotard (no bra tops)
  • Footless tights, leggings or bike shorts.
  • Foot thongs or or ballet slippers

Hip Hop:

  • Required – Black ‘dance’ sneakers ( sneakers bought for the sole purpose of only dancing in studio class. Not to be worn in street, to school, etc. Can be any brand of sneakers bought at any store. Must be brought to studio, NOT worn into the studio.
  • Comfortable clothes you can move in. Create your own style!


Dancers must bring, NOT WEAR, dance shoes to the studio! Your dance shoes should never be worn outside of the studio. NO EXCEPTIONS!  

We recommend you purchase a dance bag for all your stuff.

THE BALLET BUN IS A MUST FOR BALLET – (HAIR ACCESSORIES FOR A BALLET BUN: HAIR BRUSH, HAIR TIES, HAIR PINS, HAIR NET, ETC.)  Watch the first two videos to learn how to create a ballet bun: