Parking Info

48 Foster Avenue

PARKING: Parking at 48 Foster Ave is most challenging for the 4PM classes. We advise you to arrive early when possible. Please do not temporarily block anyone in. There are 3 other businesses that operate in the building and cars in the lot do not necessarily belong to only Studio 3 patrons. If there is no spot, and you must escort your dancer into the building, please be courteous and quick to move your car immediately after dropping dancer into the lobby.


2019 Fall Class Schedule



Make up policy for classes missed due to illness: If your dancer is ill and cannot attend class they can make up the class providing you have emailed Miss Diane on the day of absence.  Miss Diane will notify your teacher and will email you a confirmation. You will have a 3 week time frame in which to make up the class, in any class of your choice.

Dancers in lower level classes can ‘observe’ higher level classes as a make up. Note: classes missed by choice are not eligible to be made up. Please do not ‘double book’ your dancer and request a ‘make up’ class.

Studio 3 Calendar of Closings 2019-20

Studio 3 will be closed for classes on:

Oct 31 Halloween

November 27-December 1 Thanksgiving Recess

December 9-13 Mixed Nuts performance ‘Tech Week’

December 23 – January 5 Holiday Recess

February 17-21 Mid Winter Recess

April 6-13 Spring Recess

(Dates subject to change)

Dress Code for Studio 3 Classes

Ballet Girls (through Level 4)

  • Pink ballet Slippers
  • Pink Tight
  • Class Uniform leotard
  • Hair in a ballet bun
  • No jewelry

Ballet Girls (Level 5 & up)

  • Black Leotard
  • Pink ballet Slippers
  • Pink Tights
  • Hair in ballet bun
  • No jewelry

Ballet Boys

  • White Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Black dance pants
  • White socks
  • black ballet slippers


  • Black leotard

  • Black jazz pants or black tights.

  • Tan jazz shoes.


  • Black leotard (NO BRA TOPS)
  • Footless tights, leggings or bike shorts
  • Black Sport Bra (Optional)
  • Knee Pads
  • Tan foot undies or ballet slippers


  • Black Leotard
  • Black jazz pants or black tights
  • Tan tap shoes

Hip Hop

  • REQUIRED – Black ‘dance’ sneakers ( sneakers bought for the sole purpose of only dancing in studio class. Not to be worn in street, to school, etc. Can be any brand of sneakers bought at any store. Must be brought to studio, NOT worn.

  • Comfortable clothes you can move in. Create your own style!


Dancers must bring, NOT WEAR, dance shoes to the studio. Your dancers shoes should never be worn outside of the studio.